North Brunswick MagazineNorth Brunswick Magazine is a high quality, full color, full size print magazine with strong distribution in the Northern part of Brunswick County, NC, including Leland, NC. With a significant web presence as well as an active social media community, advertising in NBM is the best way to reach Leland area residents.

A niche advertising vehicle, NBM has a slick format that helps promote your business. By advertising, you are assured delivery of your message to residents, businesses and visitors in all communities within the North Brunswick area.

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Avenue of Distribution:

NBM’s distribution method is unique and we take advantage of numerous outlets including:
– Direct Mail Distribution to over 14,000 residents
– Targeted Bulk Distribution at 7,900 in Summer 2016
– New Model Home Distribution at 1,000 in Summer 2016
– Business to Business Distribution at 800 in Summer 2016
– Medical & Dental Office Distribution at 800 in Summer 2016
– Administrative Use at 200 in Summer 2016
– Subscription at 300 in Summer 2016

Direct Mail Distribution
NBM direct mails 14,000 copies of each issue to businesses and residents in North Brunswick County, NC. With the industry standard of 4 readers per copy, advertisers reach approximately 56,000 people with this distribution method alone.

Circulation: 25,000 copies per print run
Readership: Approximately 100,000 readers per issue
Frequency: Quarterly – 4 times per year