Topsail Magazine

Topsail Magazine is a high-quality, full-color, full-size print magazine. Not just another magazine, TM has an effective direct mail distribution method both locally and nationally as well as in bulk high traffic locations locally. TM stays around much longer after the release date on area coffee tables, rentals, shops, etc. This etches your business message in our timeless publication.

Circulation: 25,000 copies per print run
Readership: Approximately 100,000 readers per issue
Frequency: Quarterly – 4 times per year

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Avenue of Distribution:

Topsail Magazine’s distribution method is unique
and we take advantage of numerous outlets including:
– Direct Mail Distribution (14,000)
– Targeted Bulk Distribution (7,000)
– New Model Home Distribution (500)
– Business to Business Distribution (1,200)
– Medical & Dental Office Distribution (700)
– Administrative Use (100)
– Subscription (1000)

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