South Brunswick Magazine

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Quality advertising with major exposure.
SBM is a high quality, full color, full size print magazine with a strong distribution
method in the Southern section of Brunswick County, NC. A niche advertising vehicle,
SBM has a slick format that helps promote your business. By advertising, you are
within the Southern Brunswick County area.
Avenue of Distribution: SBM’s distribution method is unique
and we take advantage of numerous outlets including:
– Direct Mail Distribution (14,000)
– Targeted Bulk Distribution (7,900)
– New Model Home Distribution (600)
– Business to Business Distribution (1,200)
– Medical & Dental Office Distribution (800)
– Administrative Use (200)
– Subscription (300)
Direct Mail Distribution
SBM direct mails 14,000 copies of each issue to businesses and residents in South Brunswick County, NC. With the
industry standard of 4 readers per copy, advertisers reach approximately 56,000 people with this distribution method alone.
Circulation: 25,000 copies per print run
Readership: Approximately 100,000 readers per issue
Frequency: Quarterly – 4 times per year