South Brunswick New Homes & Real Estate

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South Brunswick New Homes & Real Estate is a high-quality, full-color, full-size targeted print magazine with a strong distribution method to future residents of Southern Brunswick County, NC. By advertising in this annual publication you are assured delivery of your business message to thousands of readers who have an interest in real estate in southeastern North Carolina. In addition, South Brunswick New Homes & Real Estate is a supplement guide to real estate to South Brunswick Magazine, and the content of this publication is reprinted annually in the fall edition of South Brunswick Magazine (an additional 25,000 copies).
The Editorial content includes:
• An annual Real Estate Market Update
• South Brunswick New Homes Map – Information on each new home
subdivision in Southern Brunswick County, including contact and price point
information and its location on a map
• Neighborhood Showcases – Editorial showcasing eight subdivisions
• Builder Showcases – Editorial showcasing eight builders
• Resident Showcases – Editorial and questionnaire to area residents who have
relocated to southeastern North Carolina
• Real Estate Stats & Facts – Overall Statistics, Top Transactions from the
Previous Year, Top Sales Volume from the Previous Year, Most Expensive
Homes Sold from the Previous Year, Overall Market Comparisons, Top
Builders in the County from the Previous Year
Circulation: 20,000 copies per print run + 25,000 copies in fall edition of
South Brunswick Magazine = 45,000 total copies
Readership: Approximately 80,000 readers + 100,000 South Brunswick
Magazine readers = 180,000 total readers
Frequency: Annually
South Brunswick New Homes & Real Estate takes a targeted
distribution method:
• Custom Covers Distributed to Builders and Subdivisions (5,000)
• Targeted Area Real Estate Agents (2,000)
• Medical & Dental Office Distribution (1,000)
• Targeted Bulk Distribution (10,000)
• Direct Mail to out-of-area real estate inquiries (1,000)
• Business to Business Distribution (800)
• Administrative Use (200)